Ashley Tisdale Just Re-launched Her YouTube Channel And The First Video Is Beyond Sweet!

Ashley Tisdale Just Re-launched Her YouTube Channel And The First Video Is Beyond Sweet!

Ashley Tisdale fans, you're in for a treat! The actress/singer just re-launched her YouTube channel and the first video is already making us say "awww." It's a sweet duet between Ashley and her hubby, Christopher French, doing a cover of Paramore's "Still Into You." The couple's acoustic rendition of the song, one of "their" songs, is a softer version, and watching Ashley look lovingly at her husband as she sings is majorly cute. (He's not bad to look at either.) It's a far different Ashley than High School Musical's Sharpay Evans that many of us have come to know. 

The pair recently celebrated their 2nd wedding anniversary, and this ode to their love is what we call major #couplegoals. The channel will have new videos uploaded every other Tuesday (#TizzieTuesday), including more Music Sessions of Ashley gracing us with her voice. But that's not all. It looks like Ash is going full lifestyle mode with this and will feature more cool vids focusing on fashion, beauty, cooking, travel and whatever else she wants to share.

She's already got a few makeup tutorials up, as well as a funny interview with Logan Rawlings that brings out her comedic side. You'd think that after launching her makeup line, Illuminate by Ashley Tisdale, earlier this year, she wouldn't have time to work on a new YouTube project, but I guess that proves how much she loves her fans! In fact, in the trailer video, she says she wanted to get back on YouTube to share her life with her a fans in a more personal way. Even though she's already on other social media channels, YouTube is a way to engage with her followers that feels more conversational. So, yeah, Ashley really loves you!

Check out the first video of her and her hubby serenading us (I dare you not to smile as you watch), and subscribe to her YouTube channel to keep up with all of her videos, which are sure to be just as fabulous! Just as Ashley is still into her husband, her fans should let her know that we're still into her! 

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