This Wicked Hair Dye Changes Colors With the Temperature!

This Wicked Hair Dye Changes Colors With the Temperature!

Imagine that you could dye your hair a certain color, and it would easily change colors when exposed to different environmental factors. A "mood ring" for hair, if you will. Okay, ready to hear something awesome? Such a hair dye now exists!

THEUNSEEN, an exploration house based out of London, just released a collection of color-changing hair dye called "Fire." Developed by material alchemist Lauren Bowker, the dye responds to your environment and changes colors as the temperature fluctuates. Scientifically speaking, it works when heat or cool hits the dye's pigment, causing a chemical reaction. The semi-permanent dye comes in different color ranges, from bright red to pastels. However, it's not yet commercially available. THEUNSEEN is currently looking for partners to take the product to market, and it just made its debut at London Fashion Week in collaboration with Storm Models.

It's unsurprising that Bowker invented the color-changing dye. She's actually a witch who grew up mixing bath potions in the town of Reed, where witchcraft is practiced. Some of her other inventions include a gemstone headpiece where brain activity causes the stones to change color, and a jacket that changes colors based on how much heat or sound is in the environment. Of her scientific and experimental process, she tells Dazed Digital:

"The reason I use color a lot as a data visualization in materials that we're familiar with is to allow people to see the bigger picture." 

One of the goal's of THEUNSEEN is to make science more accessible and help people connect with ubiquitous information that is hidden in plain sight. Bowker sees this, as well as the practice of witchcraft, as crucial. She explains to Dazed Digital, "Old school female chemists and doctors had a really bad time with the church and were depicted as witches. Now the occult has bad connotations of being a dark art and taboo. When really it's just a spiritual way of living. To me, chemistry and science is witchcraft."

Whether you see witchcraft in a negative light or a positive one, there's no doubt that Lauren's color-changing hair dye is going to have wicked sales once it becomes available. How excited are you to try it?

Check out this magical product in action below.

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