More Than Just Puppy Love, This Proposal Story Will Give You All The Feels!

More Than Just Puppy Love, This Proposal Story Will Give You All The Feels!
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Ladies, if you think men can't be romantic like the dreamboats we see in the movies, keep reading. Those fantasy proposals we imagine in our minds sometimes play out in real life! Case in point: the story of this sweet bride-to-be, who first met her fiance, Michael, through mutual friends while she was home in Tampa for the summer during her last year of grad school. 

While attending the University of Florida in Gainesville, the future Mrs. Michael couldn't help but stalk the handsome city boy on Facebook. After learning of their shared faith in God, strong family values and mutual love for dogs, Michael was quick to stalk her page too. Perhaps it was because he thought it was cute how she made fun of him for wearing cowboy boots everywhere (even though she actually liked it) during their first conversation.


The couple spent several months talking, texting and meeting up whenever they could, but the distance between Tampa and Gainesveille made it challenging. Because of her experience with other guys in the past, the skeptical grad student wasn't sure if Michael's advances were genuine. That is, until he asked if he could made the 2 hour commute to Gainesville to take her on a date during the week. It was then that she knew things were getting serious.

When the time finally came for Michael to pop the question, he went all out. He invited friends and family from near and far to witness the proposal at the top of an airport parking garage in Tampa that became the couple's "spot." They loved going there to watch the sunset. And so, Michael pulled out all the stops- and then some! As the two stepped off the elevator that took them to the top of the garage, their song, "Carolina" by Eric Church, started playing. That's when the future bride saw all of her loved ones, and started to freak out. Everyone formed an aisle for the couple to walk through, and followed as they made way to their favorite spot. 

Michael declared his love for his stunning lady, got down on one knee and proposed. She said "Yes!" and thought the surprise was over. That's when Michael outdid himself. He asked her to close her eyes and hold out her hands. Then he gently placed a puppy (who happened to be the brother of Michael's puppy, Henry) in her hands that was going to be theirs. 

And just when you thought Michael was done being Fiance of the Year, it turns out he rented out an entire restaurant for all of their family and friends to enjoy an engagement party with them. I mean, is this the stuff dreams are made of or what? 

Take a look at the video of the proposal below. We dare you not to cry!

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